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Welcome to the My favorite Things page. Here you will learn what some of my favorite things are and why I like them. One of my favorite things is dragons. I think I started to like dragons when I read my first chapter book The Dragon in the Sock Drawer. I forgot the author of the book, but the book itself brought me to another dimension. I felt like I was in the story with the main characters. I think my love of books started after reading The Dragon in the Sock Drawer. It was such an amazing book I would reread it so that I could memorize it like the back of my hand. I started to read more and more dragon books, when I could. My love of dragons grew some more and I bought a few different kinds of dragon statues. I hate it when tthe dragons die in books, but the story is really good. I love how dragons can be any color, and almost any style and still look majestic. Dragons ae fiece and rave, and the only time dragons will actually attack is if it is gaurding its eggs, someone comes towards them with a weapon in their hand, poisoned, or is super hungry. When really all dragons are is sweet kind, and really helpful. I am brave and fierce like dragons, but yet I am kind and gentle as well.

Another one of my favorite things is skulls. My love for skulls started with dragon books, and when the little kid tv shows would recite poems or some text from William Shakespeare's poems and . I loved how the skulls looked when I would see pictures of them with dragons wrapped around the skull. Even when I would read dragon books that had skulls involved I always pictured how the skull would have looked like in my mind. Skulls are one of my favorite things because the represent poetic. I don't like it when people call other people dark or freaks just because they have a skull shirt on or has something that involves skulls. Dragons and skulls are misunderstood, they can mean more than darkness and evilness they can also mean poetic firecness, and have a deep meaning to the person that has a skull or dragon on or near them. Dragons and skulls are just a few of my many favorite things.

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