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Welcome to my website. This website will explain different things about me. The first link in the menu leads you to the Menu page. At the menu page you will be able to click on any link to lead you to a page. The second link in the menu will lead you to this page, the Home/About Me page. Here you will learn a little bit about myself. The third link in the menu will lead you to the Things I Excel At page. Where you will learn what I am really good at. The fourth link in the menu will lead you to the My Favorite Things page. There you will find what my favorite things are and why they are my favorite. The last link in the menu leads to the My Favorite Computing Innovation page. There you will learn what it is and why.

My name Is Alexus, and I am a freshman in highschool. I am about 5'4 and i have white skin, dyed hair, blue/silver eyes, and sharp nails. I live with my mom, dad, sister, grandma, grandpa, two dogs, two bunnies, and a fish. When I was little I was in a comercial. I was 5 at the time and the people thought I would be a great aspect for their commercial (external link). After that I stopped doing acting because they wanted me to get $900 caps to fill in my missing teeth. They did let me keep the outfit. As I got older I started to get bullied, so what any normal student would do is that i studied even more. I threw my self into school work to escape my buulies, and kept on studying to ignore their comments. I didnt let anything get to me, because I knew I had friends and family that support me. I also found out that I loved to write stories, read, hang out with my family, dragons, and that black and red are my favorite colors. I have learned over the years that people change people, but that is if you let them change you.

The OOVOO commercial I was in