Starring: Ellen DeGeneres, Alexander Gould, and Albert Brooks

it shows all or most of the characters in the movie Finding Nemo


At the beginning of the movie the mother and father fish were looking at all the unborn fish in their eggs. Then tragedy struck and the mother and most of the eggs except one was brutally murdered. The father looked over the egg to see if it was fine and notice a crack. Later on after the baby fish cracked out of the egg he noticed it had been born with a normal sized fin and a tiny fin. The father named him nemo. Later on when it was the Nemo's first day of school some of nemo's friends dared him to swim out to ocean water and touch a human boat. Nemo takes the dare and goes out to touch the boat. Nemo ignores his fathers warnings and touches the boat, but when he was starting to come back a diver swam up behind nemo and takes him. The father then sets out on a journey to find him. On his journey he encounters a female fish that can't really remember things. She accompanys him on his journey to find his son. Near the end of the movie when the son and father reconnect the son almost dies by a fishing net.


When I first saw this movie I thought it was a happy fun movie about fish. After watching it a couple more times i started understanding the main story about it. I think this is a amazing movie for kids and adults. It draws the kids in with the adventure and happiness in it, but it also draws the parents in when they know the real story behind the colorful fish and smiles. The story behind the adventure is a sad and very dangerous quest. After losing his wife marlen then loses his son when nemo is kidnapped. I rate this movie a 4/5.

it shows 4 out of 5 stars